1991 by the Royal Decree No. 65/91

Our Mission

Working the country’s numerous chrome ore deposits.

Our Vision

OCC is a public share holding company working in the mining sector. Our vision is to develop the activities of the company and expand in the studies, production, processing, and marketing the minerals. We believe that this can be achieved through the continuous improvement in our working environment, the best utilization of our resources and developing our competitive advantages through time commitment, fair prices, and best quality.Our objective at the end is to make the minerals as one of the major income sources to the country and improve the worth of our shareholders and employees.

Operation Facilities

OCC is engaged in the business of total mining. We drill, blast, excavate and transport ore from the mountains of Oman near Sohar. The ore is mined and sorted before transportation. We also have two stage crushing system with different size options. The plant is equipped with a 3-deck screening plant and the fines of less than 5 mm size are again screened with a modern type screen which can segregate the size designed by the customer.

OCC Commitment

Chrome market in Oman has gained lot of importance. We keep updated with the global trends and sell our products at best prices. This improves profitability and income to government as Royalty. Dividends are paid to shareholders continuously.

In order to keep long term successful business relationship with our customer, we make sure that after-sales-service is at our core consideration. However, OCC has developed its own preventive action procedures against all possible and potential after-sale-service problems.

With diversified range of product (grade and size), excellent delivery time and product information our staff is fully prepared to satisfy our consumer needs.

For the maximum customer satisfaction, we will continuously promote product and service improvement to provide our customer with perfect quality ore under the company motto “Quality is Our Continuous Commitment”.

Chromite Geology

The dominate feature of the geology of Northern Oman is the SamailOphiolite sequence. The SamailOphioliteNappe of Northern Oman was abducted at the close of the Tethyan Ocean during the Upper Cretaceous period approximately 90 million years ago. The sequence consists of a suite of oceanic and mantle related lithologies and occurs as the mountainous region in Northern Oman. The sequence is host to a number of mineral deposits including chromite.

The Oman Chromite deposits of significance have two main modes of occurrence within rocks of the SamailOphiolite namely:
⇒  As small bodies concentrated within the uppermost 1.5 km of the Mantle Sequence, just below the base of the Cumulate Sequence; and
⇒  As large, less abundant bodies scattered within the deeper levels of the Mantle Sequence.

Lithologies found in association with the chromites are Mantle Sequence and Cumulate Sequence rocks. The Mantle sequence consists of two main rock types: harzburgite and dunite. The Cumulate Sequence represents the lowest part of the mid-ocean ridge, consisting of ultramafic cumulates and gabbro cumulates. The chromite deposits are confined to the Mantle Sequence and the ultramafic cumulates.

The chroimte deposits range in form from tabular or lenticular when least deformed, to podiform when most deformed. Most of the bodies strike parallel to regional structures in the Mantle Sequence rocks.

Chromite Mining Activity in Oman.

Due to an upsurge in global demand for minerals especially for chromite from 2005, government. Of Oman issued concession to many private enterprises. So there was enormous mining activates during 2007-2008.