Metallurgical GradeOre

We have been able to supply the market with a remarkable quality ore in the past few years, and that’s beca
1. Our promptness in responding to enquiries
2. Quality of the material is guaranteed with the best specifications available, low fine material and acceptable Cr/Fe ratio (2.0/1)

Metallurgical ChromiteCr203Al203FeoMgoSio2CaoPS
Specifications (%)34 abt23 abt15 abt17 abt8 abt1.5 abt0.005 abt0.006 abt


Refractory GradeOre

In order to serve our consumer, OCC strength stems from:

1. Ability to deliver accepted quantity to the consumer’s port at the specified time which means customer is at no hassle.

2. Our ore is for immediate use as it complies to agreed specs. Presently following sizes are produced:

• 0 – 1 mm
• 3 – 5 mm
• 0.5 – 4 mm
• 5 – 25 mm

3. OCC is following a 3-step manual sorting procedure, therefore, no future sorting is required, and the quality is assured. This also means that our product is for the immediate use

4. We can make your storage as easy as you require by delivering the ore in strong jumbo bags, i.e. no tears.

5. We produce one of the best quality ores in the region with:
• Low sillica content < 4.5%
• Low CaO content < 0.5%
• High Cr+Al content > 61%

6. Flexible payment terms can be arranged with regular customers to suit their convenience.

Ghashabi-2 Ore Deposits:

Metallurgical ChromiteCr203Al203FeoMgoSio2Cao
Specifications (%)+4219 abt15 abt16 abt<4.5<0.5

Other Ore Deposits:

Metallurgical ChromiteCr203Al203FeoMgoSio2Cao
Specifications (%)32-3721 abt14 abt17 abt<6.0<0.1

Other Mining Activities

»  The company has jointly formed a joint venture with two major companies in Oman to extract other minerals. The target is the industrial minerals, i.e. construction aggregates, limestone, Marble …… etc.

»  The main outlet is planned to be Sohar port which is located within less than 20 km next to the main limestone and Gabbro rocks deposits